Spirit-based Technology

Spirit-based Technology

Christopher Brown in Egypt

“Spirit-based technology” – that’s how Christopher Brown, a mathematician and scholar of comparative religion, describes Ifa and other sacred traditions of the Motherland. Christopher is one of several scholars that will appear in my upcoming film, Across The King’s River.

This native of Texas has degrees in both math and computer science and was once employed as a software engineer for the United Space Alliance, the leading contractor for NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. But his life’s purpose, he insists, is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

Christopher firmly believes science and spirituality are not polar opposites – in essence they are really one. Religion, says Christopher, if properly understood, is really science in disguise. The ancients clearly understood this. The modern world, it seems, does not. In Across The King’s River, Christopher will share some of his insights on African spirituality, science, shamanism and the binary code, which is widely used in modern digital computing although it has its origin in African divination.

Although I knew for years that Ifa divination (and other African divination systems) is based on a binary code system, I didn’t realize that modern technology “adopted” this code from our ancestors. It all became clear when I saw a lecture on You Tube by Dr. Ron Eglash, a renowned mathematician and scientist who has done extensive work on African fractals. Eglash, who will also be featured in Across The King’s River, says audiences are always shocked when he reveals that the binary code can be traced back to African divination. “Every digital circuit in the world started in Africa,” says Eglash.

Scholars say the binary system has its roots in geomancy, a form of divination that was brought into Europe by African Muslims (Moors) who called their divination system “ilm al raml,” (the science of the sand). The modern binary code, however, was introduced by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a 17th century German mathematician and philosopher who is credited for inventing calculus.

It is an irony that baffles me to no end – the Western World widely demonizes and ridicules African spiritual practice, yet benefits from our genius (the binary code) every day. While the world is led to believe that African spirituality has nothing to offer, our indigenous science (and spirituality) is intimately interwoven with every day life.
This reality has been hidden from us for too long.

But it won’t be hidden for much longer. After “Across The King’s River,” the world will look at our spirit-based technologies and our “science of the sand” in a different light. That’s the hope, that’s the prayer and the mission. May it be so!! Ase!

Walk On

Walk On

Never beg anyone to see value in who you are or in what you aspire to do. I learned this lesson a long time ago on the journey to this film. I love this lesson. Just walk on with confidence. Believe in yourself. Give someone else an opportunity to honor/appreciate the gifts you have to offer. I assure that someone else will.

These thoughts come to me as I actively search for a replacement for someone on our production crew who seems to think we desperately need his services on this project. He is mistaken. We do not, and we are moving ahead without him. We are giving the honor to be a part of Across The King’s River to someone else.

Don’t be afraid to cut folks loose. Honor who you are! Respect your vision. You are far too valuable. Move forward with conviction.

Listen, Trust, Follow

Listen, Trust, Follow

The journey toward this film continues to teach me that the elders, the orisas and my spirit guides truly know what they are doing and do it well. And so I must tell you that I believe your spirit guides know what they are doing too. Don’t be discouraged if you feel you’re not making progress or if you think you’re at a dead-end. Be patient, the key is to listen, trust and follow-through.

See..the heart always knows but the head always doubts. Begin and end with the heart. The heart is a seat of high intelligence and travels far ahead of your logical mind. Every step you take with the heart is connected to a higher purpose – a higher will – that time will reveal to you. When the “appointed time” comes, many events and people that have entered your life will make sense to you. The purpose behind each step will be made clear (once you learn how to listen).

I didn’t always believe that each step we take with the heart is divinely guided. But each day my convictions grows. The more I awaken, the more I realize I’m not the “doer” – only a “vessel.” I feel both awe and gratitude for Spirit. I also feel inspired to share the lessons I’m learning along the way with others.

Know that there are no accidents. And there are no coincidences! Trust that you are being led where you need to go. Blessings!

Giants in the South

Giants in the South

“There’s nothing that a master Ifa diviner cannot see – there’s nothing that a master Ifa cannot know.” So says a sacred verse in the Ifa spiritual tradition. But lately I’ve also come to believe that there’s nothing that a highly skilled awo (diviner/priest) cannot do.

I say this because I have encountered “Giants in the South.” Who are the “Giants in the South?” An extraordinary duo of entertainment industry experts who believe so strongly in our film that they will ensure that it gets funded. They are also providing the necessary management and legal support to make sure that the full potential of “Across The King’s River” is realized.

In the book, “The Alchemist,” author Paul Coelho, one of the main character says: “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” Why am I sharing this quote with you? Because I believe it’s true.

But here’s the key, you must want it badly enough. And you must be willing to support it yourself. You must also understand that kindred souls may have a vested interest in seeing your vision come to fruition – but you’ll never discover this if you surrender to the temptation to give up.

Kindred souls have their own reasons for coming to your assistance. In my case, the “Giants in the South” understand the impact that art has on the subconscious minds of the masses and they refuse to support “shit.” They are willing to support and fund “Across The King’s River” because they believe it will a significant impact in the lives of millions.

I’m grateful for the leadership and the commitment of the “giants” I’ve discovered. They have changed my life and the course of this film……..the journey to the vision of the ancestors continues.

Allow yourself to be guided – you’ll be surprised at how far you can get.

The Narrow Path

The Narrow Path

One of our sacred verses says: “The way of Ifa is very straight – it doesn’t deviate.” I love the sound of this. Yet it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for flexibility in our spiritual practice or worldview; I think it means that we can count on the guidance of this great Spirit just like our ancestors did. The wisdom of Ifa is steady – and sure!!

This verse speaks to me because the power of Ifa and the elders is becoming clearer and clearer to me as I continue on the journey toward this film. After years of working diligently, doors are finally beginning to open. Yet, I know that doors are not opening only because I’ve been working hard – they are opening because I am not working alone.

So much of what is unfolding (and what will be) can be traced to the elders and the powerful that they do every day l’agbara orisa (through the power of orisa). The elders seldom tell me what they do, why they do it – nor do I know when they do it. Over the years, I’ve learned to sense intuitively when they’ve done some sort of spiritual work.

We will never deviate from the mission the ancestors have assigned to us – empower others to return to something they have abandoned a long time ago – the power of their own visions!