As my son and I drove home recently, I reflected on something that he told me…

The stark reality that many of the friends that he used to hang out with are either dead or in jail.

I immediately taught of my elders in Africa and all the ebos, or sacrifices we had done to help Malcolm over the years. And how I took him to seek spiritual help in Nigeria because we feared that the streets of Oakland could snuff his life out at any time for being at the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing, with the wrong people.

But my son, Malcolm, has escaped the statistics, and I have the elders and the orisas to thank.

The young man that greets me every morning is a far cry from the thug he used to be. This young man is a dedicated father who helps his son with his homework. This young mans has two jobs and works seven days a week. This young man is very respectful to us.

What a welcome change from the angry, young man that I once worried about night and day. What a journey from a thug to a father who has successfully turned his life around.

Back in 2003, when my spiritual father in Africa told me that things would change and that I would see good things in my family, it was hard to believe. I wanted to believe the old man knew what he was talking about and that the prayers and ebos to the orisas would really work.

And the orishas delivered. It hasn’t been easy by any means, but I’m proud of my son and the wonderful transformation that I see. I’m also pleased to report that Malcolm’s six year-old son, Jakari, is on the honor roll and will turn out just fine.

In fact, Ifa predicts that Jakari will grow up to be a popular politician in the future. We’ll see.

Know that change is possible for you, too. That the storm you’re experiencing will not last forever. No storm ever does.

As my Mom loves to say: “This To Shall Pass.”