The Yoruba spiritual calendar year begins the first week of June at the Agbonnerigun, or Ifa festival which is held each year in the sacred city of Ile Ife. All the Orisas are invoked and prayers are said for the entire world. Offerings are also made to the Orisas.

The blessing of wealth/money is the prediction for the year, which came down in the Odu, Ogbe Ogunda. Along with the blessing of wealth, the elders wish you the blessing of wisdom to move your life, relationships, your community and your dreams forward in a positive way. Ire O!

The Ifa temple is located on top of the Itase mountain. I’ve never been inside the sacred temple, nor have I ever had the opportunity to attend the yearly Ifa festival. But attending this yearly celebration is definitely on my growing “things to do” list.

When I reflect on the Ifa festival, I reflect on a comment made by Yoruba scholar Wande Abimbola, in his book, “Ifa Will Mend Our Broken World.” Abimbola says “There isn’t a single holiday to celebrate any traditional event in Africa. Not one! They have holidays to celebrate many Muslim and Christian events in Africa, but not one day is left for traditional people.”

As the sacred and philosophical teachings of Ifa continue to spread worldwide, we pray that our own people will make peace with our spiritual traditions and see the value of transmitting them on to the next generation. Ire o!