Ebb and Flow is a short dance clip that features Tulani, my daughter, dancing on a beach in Southern California. You’ll get a chance to meet her in my upcoming film, but for now you can view Ebb and Flow here…

This clip is part of a series called Dances Made to Order, an on-line dance festival produced by Kingsley Iron. The music in Ebb and Flow was edited by Derick Silva.

On a philosophical level, the title as well as the dance, Ebb and Flow, makes me reflect on life as well as Ifa divination and the 256 sacred odus in our tradition that indicate there is an order and pattern behind all things in the universe. Everything ebbs and flows.

What are the sacred odus? The odus are divine forces which are applicable to every event in the past, present and the future. Like the universe, each odu consists of a pair of opposites, the finite and infinite, the male and the female, active and inactive, odd and even, hot and cold, good and evil, positive and negative.

Ifa, the ancient wisdom, is all about balance. Many of our problems arise because we are off balance and because we fail to understand that everything ebbs and flows. And each moment has a different message and lesson for us.

Instead of trying to force things to go your way, the challenge before us is to try to adapt our lives to this great cosmic rhythm and dance. Slow down, allow the meditation of this video to flow with you and through you. Blessings!!