After studying the divinations techniques of Chief Obafemi Fayemi and Christopher Sangodare Brown, I've finally branched out to begin offering spiritual readings to the public. I was initiated into Ifa in 2003 by Aseda Agbaye, one of the 16 major Ifa diviners and priests in the world.

Although Ifa predicted many years ago that I would actively divine for others, I often wondered when the prediction would come to pass. I've learned that the words of Ifa do indeed manifest but often not exactly when we think it will. It's important to stay open and leave everything in the able hands of the orisas and the ancestors.

Divination is a beautiful and mathematically precise way of getting spiritual guidance to help you through current challenges. Not sure what decisions to make? A reading will give you the clarity to lead a more successful and harmonious life. My offering of spiritual readings comes from a place of reverence and service. If you would like to schedule a reading, please call me at 510-388-5500 or email me at