Searching for peace? Happiness? More fulfillment? Well, instead of stressing out about things (or people) beyond your control, ask yourself these questions: “How can I empower myself today? How can I empower or serve others?”

These questions are important because they shift your awareness by directing spiritual power, energy and responsibility back to YOU where they rightfully belong. Too often we give our power away by fuming about how we’ve been wronged by others or how unsupportive others have been.

I’ve had to learn these lessons too. My journey toward the film, Across The King’s River, has been one of peaks and valleys, ups and downs. If I created a list to keep track of the many people that have let me down along the way, the list would be long – and I would be a miserable man.

But I’ve learned to reclaim my power and you can too.

And the more you reclaim your power, well, the more powerful you become. Know that not everyone will see the value in who you are and what you have to offer. Give the best of yourself to those who value you the most. Find out who you can help or encourage today and reach out to them.

Rediscover your source of power; cultivate it; share it!