The kingSo you're thinking about booking a divination session or a spiritual reading and you're not sure how to begin or what to expect…

Here are five tips to consider…

TIP # 1.: Make sure the diviner is sane: I wish I could say I'm joking but I'm not. Sad to say, there are folks in my profession who are not emotionally balanced (or even sane) and should not be giving advice to anyone. They are in need of serious spiritual help themselves. On the other hand, some folks are control freaks and some might take advantage of you financially. And don't be fooled by titles. Titles without character mean absolutely nothing. Don't get me wrong, you'll also find wonderful priests and priestesses in our community. Just get some references before you book a reading. Or at the very least, talk to the diviner before you book a reading and try to get a sense of who they are and what they are really about.

TIP # 2: Be Open To What Spirit Has To Say: Although your questions and concerns will always be addressed, keep in mind that the orisas and your ancestors might have other messages that differ from your original reason for wanting a reading. They might make you aware of things you might not be aware of but should know for your own growth and development. Don't assume that you already know yourself 100%. Few folks do. The spiritual journey is all about gradual awakening. Know that there's a hidden side to you that Spirit will eventually bring to light.

TIP # 3: Do The Ebo Ritual: If the reading calls for ritual (ebo), do it. Do not think you are smarter than the orisas and do not need to follow through with ebo if it has been prescribed. You will learn the hard way (trust me on this). Ebo is a way of harnessing and releasing powerful energies to bring about necessary change. We use ebo for many things: improving health, enhancing the probability of success, improving relationships, etc. Not all situations call for ebo. But if Ifa calls for it, be sure to follow through.

TIP # 4: Take Action: Be the change that you want to see in your life. Spirit/ritual is not going to do all the work for you. Take one step in the direction of your dreams each day. Find what you're passionate about and organize your life around it. Flee from toxic people. Surround yourself with folks that inspire you to reach your full potential. Discipline yourself. There's no time to waste on the road to self-discovery and greatness.

TIP # 5: Be Patient: One well-known Yoruba proverb says patience is the father of character. It's true. Be patient as you work toward your goal. Be patient as you tackle your problems. And be patient with the messages/predictions of Ifa. Some messages might not make sense during your reading but might make sense months later, or even years later. Time has no meaning from a spiritual perspective. Just know that all things will unfold for you in the right time.

Final Thoughts: A reading should be a healthy, empowering experience. Enjoy the reading! Enjoy your journey!

James Weeks