Tupac Saavedra, Director of Photography, Across The King's River

Tupac Saavedra, Director of Photography, Across The King’s River

We’ll be launching a fundraising campaign for my film, Across The King’s River, on Thursday, October 31st.

And we’ll be counting on your support…

A successful campaign will allow us to move forward with this film project that began almost six years ago.

A film is a marathon – it’s not a spring. That’s what one of my filmmaking mentors told me many years ago.

It’s true…

Filmmaking is a tough, long road.

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’ll easily give up.

I believe I’m on a sacred mission and that’s what keeps me going…

I am also blessed to have the support of an amazing team of senior Ifa priests in Ile Ife, Nigeria.

They give me the stamina to continue…

And the confidence to know that we’ll succeed in the end.

We’ll be counting on your support when we launch our campaign.

May the ancestors be with you…

May the ancestors be with us…

May it be so!


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James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River