Malidoma Some

Malidoma Some

Interesting Washington Post article about how West African shaman, Malidoma Some, helped one man’s schizophrenic son.

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Some 2.2 million Americans suffer from mental illness…

This article hits close to home. One of my siblings has been battling mental illness for more than two decades.

The symptoms manifested when my sister was in her late 20’s…

And over time her illness got progressively worse.

Mental illness strikes with a fury…

It destroyed her marriage, her friendships, our friendship.

Prior to her illness she was beautiful, brilliant, outgoing.

In Malidoma’s culture, the Dagara view of mental illness stands in sharp contrast to the Western worldview.

“Schizophrenics are not viewed pathologically, but often as mediums bringing messages to the community from the spirit world.”

I am inspired by the Dagara approach to mental illness.

Don’t know what messages my sister might be carrying!

But I do wish she might find her way back home.

James Weeks
Producer, Across the King’s River