beachIf there’s no peace in within, you’ll drift off course…

And you might end up pursuing the wrong things, or the wrong people, or the wrong dreams!

So important to get back on course! So important to find that center of peace within. So important to understand that there’s no need for outside validation.

I’ve been thinking about inner peace a lot lately…

And that’s because I decided to step away from folks who are not healthy for me.

It wasn’t an overnight decision, and I can’t say it was an easy decision.

But it was the right decision, and I’m happy.

As you examine your life and those in your circle, ask yourself.

1. Do you feel energized after interacting with them?

2. Do you feel empowered after interacting with them?

3. Do you feel inspired after interacting with them?

4. Do you feel respected while interacting with them?

If the answers to most of these questions are NO, or if you notice a pattern of feelilng drained or depressed after interacting with certain people, it might be time to step away.

Your Spirit will thank you for it! You’ll be happy for it!

James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River