Wisdom From The Sea

Wisdom From The Sea

“Wisdom comes from the sea,” says famous South African spiritual leader, Credo Mutwa, in the film, Dolphins.

“The Zulu people of South Africa believe that centuries ago, a race of intelligent creatures chaperoned humans into this world. Members of this race returned to the sea to become dolphins. Over the centuries, dolphins and whales sent knowledge via dreams to human beings. The whales told us all about God. The dolphins told us about wisdom and art and other forms of positive creativity,” Mutwa says.

“We black people believe that dolphins are not fish. They are people. They are saviors. They have kingdoms under the sea. They have stories that they tell their children. They have hopes for the future, ” says Credo Mutwa.

I love what Credo Mutwa is saying; I love the image of him strolling along the beach, and I am moved by the Zulu notion that dolphins tell stories to their children and have hopes for the future.

What are your thoughts and hopes for the future? I really would like to know…

For me, this clip stirs up memories of my home, St. Croix, Virgin Islands and the close connection my ancestors had to the sea.

But it makes me think about other things as well:
How African spirituality revolves around the reverence of nature.
How much we can learn from indigenous wisdom.
How disconnected we have become from nature.
How dolphins are held in captivity in amusement parks.
How we must become better stewards of both land and sea.
Credo Mutwa says the killing of these holy creatures must stop…

Our powerful stories must continue: “Many are the mysteries of Africa,” says Credo Mutwa. “Many are the mysteries of my country. Many are the stories that have yet to be told. Many are the stories that will never be told.”

Dolphins, Credo Mutwa Speaks, is a film by Indrid Pendris, and you can order the DVD here: Dolphins

Let me know what you think of this clip, and let me know if you’ve had any moving experiences in the past with dolphins or other beings. I’ll be sure to write you back.

Until then, may the ancestors guide and protect you and your family.


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James Weeks
Producer, Across The King’s River