There’s a difference between needing help and wanting help…

That’s what my friend and mentor, Willy, was explaining the other day. Lots of folks need help, he says, but not everyone wants help. You gotta know the difference.

Willy knows what he’s talking about. He used to be a drug addict…

It was bad. He even attempted suicide decades ago because it was the “brightest idea” he had at the time.

Fortunately, he reached out for help and got it, and he was humble enough to accept it. Then, he took massive action. “I was willing to work on my own rescue,” he says.

Photo: Shutterstock image

Photo: Shutterstock image

Looking at Willy’s beaming smile and self-confidence today you would never know the trouble he’s seen. Not only is Willy drug free, he’s a successful businessman and spiritual leader. He’s also a committed husband and father who does what he says he’ll do.

He shares his story bravely and openly with all who will listen because he wants others to have hope. No matter where you are in life, no matter how much you hurt, no matter how much you’ve lost, change is possible, Willy says. Your blessing might be right around the corner.

Willie is teaching me some kick-ass business strategies for 2017. But he’s also teaching me about life. I’m not the only one. He’s a mentor to tens of thousands.

Raised in the projects of Queens, NY, Willy is part Irish and part Puerto-Rican. His father was an alcoholic and regularly abused his Mom. The police visited their home often. Willy never made it to high school and was in his thirties before he read a book from cover to cover.

But the past is behind him…

Willy’s an avid reader these days. He’s big on self-development. He’s big on God. He’s big on me. He’s big on you. Believe, says Willy.

I’ve been inspired by many, but Willy’s story touched me deeply because it reminds me that anything is possible. Anything is still possible for me, anything is still possible for you.

And the bit of wisdom about knowing the difference between needing help and wanting help – I will always remember it.

What about you?

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Until next time, may the ancestors walk with you, guide you, and protect you each and every step of the way.


James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River

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