As a spiritual advisor, clients sometimes tell me they don’t feel connected to their ancestors and are worried their prayers are not being answered.

Usually, when I hear this, it’s because something in their life is not going the way they think it should go.

I have news for them and I have news for you too…

Let go of your expectations and allow Spirit to guide you. They know what they are doing.  My journey has taught me that your ancestors and spirit guides ARE working with you even when things seem to be going against you.  I call this the mystery of perfect imperfection.

My maternal grandmother, Alma Doward

See, even in imperfection amazing things can happen for you. Sometimes the ancestors will mess something up, so they can help improve an area of your life that needs fixing.

One of my most profound spiritual experiences happened when my wife, Stephanie, got into a minor car accident in Oakland about one year ago.  The accident set off an amazing chain of events that led to the selling of my sister’s land on the island of St. Croix.

That car accident had to happen…

I believe the accident was planned by Dad who passed in 2008.  He was the original owner of the land. The sale of the land will help us take care of my sick Mom who has two full time caregivers.  It happened just as we were about to run out of funds for Mom’s care.

Here’s how the brilliant plan of the ancestors unfolded…

After my wife got in the  accident, she needed an estimate to repair our car. But when she called our mechanic in Oakland, she was told he was on St. Croix. Since I  was on the island at the time, she asked me to call our mechanic to get an estimate.

I didn’t have his cell number but I knew someone who would – his business partner.

When I went looking for our mechanic’s business partner, he wasn’t in his office.  Turns out he was around the corner at another business that happens to be on my sister’s land.

I got the phone number I needed, and just as I was about to drive off, the man who runs the business on my sister’s land walked up to my car and said he wanted to buy the property.

It took one year for the sale to go through; it wasn’t easy though. It was hard.  I can’t go through the details of all the challenges we had to overcome in order for the sale to take place.

…I’m sharing my story just to make a point.

Out of an imperfect incident like a car accident, many things happened in a perfect way that helped my family in a significant way.

Now back to you.  I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but I know this for sure. Your ancestors are not asleep; they are on the job. They are doing their very best to look after you.  

…Let them help you.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking help must arrive in your way or in your time.   Be patient and keep the faith. Leave everything in the capable hands of your ancestors.

James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River