I was invited to speak about my upcoming book in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

I told them the truth — 100% of it.

You see, I could have only said that Meditations Across The King’s River will be published this month because I sat down one day and decided to write a book.

But I told them the whole story — about how my son was in a dangerous gang in 2002 and how it almost destroyed my family.

It wasn’t pretty back in those days; it was a matter of life or death.

Fortunately, I took my son with me to Nigeria in 2003 when I went for my initiation into the Ifa spiritual tradition and my elders helped heal my son.

My kids Malcolm and Tulani

A few months after our trip to Africa, my son’s psychologist said: “I don’t know what happened in Africa, but your son is new and improved.”

I share this story in Meditations Across The King’s River, and I share other powerful stories based on my travels throughout Africa and the Caribbean; plus there are tons of my original spiritual affirmations too…

Flowers can bloom in tough places…

No one on earth can tell me miracles don’t happen because I see a miracle every time I look at my son, Malcolm. (That’s him in this picture above with my daughter, Tulani).

I know miracles can happen for you. Trust me, miracles happen every single day on planet earth, and you must never rule out the possibility that a miracle can happen for you.

These days, Malcolm is a successful businessman and a dedicated father of four children. He’s also a basketball coach and goes out of his way to help others all the time.

My book might have never happened if I didn’t have a problem with my son back in 2002.

Our crisis created a divinely led chain of events that led to beautiful things. In fact, you can even say that my son led me to you. (How cool is that?)

As you think of your own challenges, don’t just think about WHAT your problems are — think about WHERE your problems are leading you to and/or WHO they’re leading you to.

And remember, your ancestors and spirit guides are doing their best to help you. They have more faith in you than you have in yourself. You are not alone even when you feel alone.

Right this minute, powerful souls are working on your behalf. Meet them halfway with faith, dedication and daily consistent action to manifest your dreams. 2019 is right around the corner — make a plan — don’t make excuses.

I have to run because Malcolm is coaching a basketball game today and I promised I would come to watch his team in action. They are on a winning streak. I’ve got to be there.

Talk soon! Meditations Across The King’s River will be here soon.

All my love.

James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River