We have your back…

I’m getting ready to launch my book, Meditations Across The Kings River, in another week or less, and I wanted to let you know I’m grateful you are in my life.

Here’s the truth…

None of us can make it alone. We all need each other, more than we might want to admit at times.

As I share my spiritual journey in my book, I also share strategies to help you on your goals of wellness in 2019: spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, and financial wellness.

Like I said, we have your back…

Plus, every week, I’ll be sharing additional insights that I didn’t have time or space to include in the book. If you implement some of these strategies, you’ll be rocking and rolling in 2019.

The cover of my book was designed by one of the great artists of our times. His name is Mark “Feijao” Milligan.

Feijao grew up across the street from me on the island of St. Croix, but we only met a few years ago because he’s younger than I am.

The cover of my book has great spiritual significance. The golden halos around the heads of the children and the elder indicate these are visitors from the Other World, yet they are also from this world.

I’m also from another world, and so are you. We are all spirits on a mission, and we can and should learn from each other.

The elder is also significant. He has to guide and protect these explorers to make sure they get where they are going. He can’t afford to let them drift off course.

Someone you can’t see is guiding and protecting you. His/her job isn’t necessarily to give you what you want. An elder, or the ancestors, look at the big picture of your life — they need to make sure you stay on track and in alignment with your mission.

If you look back at your life a few years from now, it will become clear to you why certain things happened the way it did. You’ll even figure out why some people had to leave and why some people had to come into your life.

Your spirit guides have High Intelligence, and are experts in their field.

There’s a beautiful plan for you. Don’t get discouraged. You are in good hands. Be confident. Straighten your back. Keep your head up at all times.

I have to run because I am finalizing things for the book launch next week. I know you’ll love Meditations Across The King’s River.

James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River