I ran into my friend Sarah a few weeks ago….

She owns a popular, Caribbean-inspired restaurant in Oakland called Miss Ollie’s. Great food — I love her fried chicken.

Anyways, she was in good spirits when I saw her. To be honest, I was surprised because I had been a bit worried about her. As you know, the restaurant industry, like nearly every industry, has been dealt a huge blow by the corona virus.

Sarah flashed a huge smile when she saw me and served up some take-out food I could share with my wife. Many of her colleagues in the restaurant business are freaking out, she confessed. But she’s not.

“Something good will come from this,” she said. Those were her first words to me.

…Her smile and energy lifted my Spirit and inspired me to look at the pandemic with spiritual eyes. Somehow it made me think about our ancestors and what wisdom they would offer us at this time.

Even though it’s tough, Sarah says the pandemic is forcing us to change for the better — change our habits, change our diets, and hopefully change our mentality – our ways of thinking and living on the earth.

For too long we’ve been obsessed with wanting “more, more, more, and bigger, bigger bigger.” Now the earth has a chance to breathe,” Sarah said. “Sure, we will lose some people,” she added, “but we have to get ready for the next dimension.”

My friend, Nicole, said something similar.

Nicole is a teacher in NY and hails from the island of Jamaica. “We’ve done so much damage to the earth,” she told me on Whatsapp. “The earth is just resetting itself. I’ve been looking at pictures of Venice — the water is clear, the fish are back, the dolphins are swimming,” said Nicole. “In India, they can see the Himalayas because the fog is gone. In Los Angeles, you can see the skyline.”

On the inside, Nicole has been experiencing deep transformation. “I’m living on a higher frequency,” she said. “I realize I’m not alone and God and the ancestors are with me. I get up every morning grateful to be alive. I used to worry about money but I don’t worry about that stuff anymore”

And she’s not as anxious as she used to be. “I live for the moment. I live for the day. I used to feel like a rat on a wheel. I used to be afraid to sit quietly because I was scared of what to listen for and what would come. The TV would have to be on all the time, even though I’m not watching it — music would have to be playing.”

Now Nicole listens for spiritual messages without judging what comes. She’s allowing herself to be led by Spirit step by step, she says.

What about you, ?

Do you think something good will come from this crisis? If so, I would love to hear your perspective.

And if you’ve lost a job or a loved one, please know I’m holding you in prayer. My good friend, Joel Mcphee says the crisis is forcing us to realize “we all need each other, and we’re deeply connected — it demonstrates the power of nature and the power of our Creator,” he said.

I am sending you and your loved ones good energy during this uncertain time, .

Keep the faith…

Respond to this blog, and I’ll write you back as soon as time permits.

With you in Spirit.

Love Always

James Weeks

Author, Meditations Across The King’s River

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