I was talking to my friend from Ghana via Zoom about two weeks ago…

….I was moved by some of the things she was saying, and I started taking notes to share with you.

We met because she wanted more information about one of my passions — teaching people how to make money on-line by trading in the largest financial markets in the world.

But before we started talking about finance, she went deep into spirituality. I paid close attention to what this elder from Africa had to say.

Bvanessa feels Covid 19 is giving us an opportunity to evolve…

“Even with all this destruction there is hope,” she said. “We as a species have to work on ourselves. We are the custodians of the planet. If the earth is shaken, then we will be shaken. When we destroy the earth we are destroying ourselves. The planet is resettling. It’s the cleansing of our souls. We are here to evolve.”

Bvanessa also spoke about the importance of trees in our ecosystem and our ancestors. “We don’t seem to remember that our ancestors are our first line of defense,” she said.

And we must be willing to shift and make changes for the next generation. “We have to pick up the baton and move forward,” she said.

Can’t speak for you, but Bvannesa’s words makes me think. I feel them. I believe these are powerful truths.

After my last newsletter several weeks ago, so many people wrote me to say that in some ways the pandemic has brought a new level of spiritual awareness into their lives, and somehow, they can never be the same again.

I was encouraged by that…

Yet, I am also aware of all the pain and suffering: the recession, the countless lives that we’ve lost, the anxiety, the stress that so many families, especially Moms, are feeling as they attempt to balance home schooling children and working — if they still have a job.

I’m doing fine and so is my family. I’m grateful for that…

As a spiritual advisor, I know that day and night, light and darkness, positive and negative, always flow together. The challenge for us spiritual seekers on this earth plane is to seek the light even amidst adversity.

What do you think the message is for you? How are you coping?

My deepest condolences if you’ve lost friends or family members.

Feel free to write if you need a shoulder of support…

Would love to hear what’s on your mind, no matter what it is. I’ll respond to your comments asap.

Love and blessings to you and your loved ones until we talk again, and thank you for being a part of my journey.


James Weeks

Author Meditations Across The King’s River

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