Open Your Doors

Open Your Doors

Open your doors…
…And keep those doors open…
That’s what my mentor, Dr. Afolabi Epega used to say. His Spirit follows me around everywhere I go, and that’s why I had to share some of his wisdom in my book, Meditations Across The King’s River.

Some Spirits never leave you alone. LoL!


Baba Epega

The photo of Baba in this newsletter was taken when he was a very young man. Baba was a scientist as well as a fifth generation Ifa priest. He taught me the science and the art of Ifa divination.
And he died way too soon…
But his legacy and wisdom lives on. When Baba talks about keeping your doors open, he’s talking about relationships and friendships.
Pay close attention. His message applies to you — it applies to all of us.
Baba strongly felt we should not cling to people who want to leave us. “Never fight to stay in an unproductive relationship or friendship,” he said. If someone close to you wants to leave for any reason, by all means let her or him go. That’s right! Open your doors.
Here’s the thing.
By opening your doors, you make room for a new blessing, or a new relationship or friendship to enter your life. Blessings can’t enter a closed door.
Look! I know it’s not easy to let people go. But sometimes you have to, in order to grow. Like you, I’ve had to say goodbye to some folks. In many cases, I still love and miss them.
It’s painful at times, to be honest…
But then Baba’s words come back to me with clarity and warmth, and I realize that learning how to move on is one of the most important life lessons we all have to learn.
I would love to hear about your experiences in letting go…
So write me and I’ll be sure to write back as soon as time permits.
Until we talk again. All my love to you and your family!
James Weeks
Author Meditations Across The King’s River
Friendship is Sacred

Friendship is Sacred

Friendship is sacred…

In Yoruba culture, friendship is considered to be even more sacred than the relationship between spouses, says scholar Wande Abimbola.

I talk about the importance of friendship in my book, Meditations Across The King’s River.

Did you know there’s a connection between your health and friendship, and that people who don’t have close friends are at risk for premature death?

It’s a shocking concept, but there’s a ton of science to back this statement up. Having good friends can save your life.

I’m blessed to have friends I can count on and I hope you are too!

My friend Ade Kunle

My friend Ade has always been there for me and my family. I talk about him a lot in Meditations Across The King’s River.

Ade’s full name is Adekunle Elutilo; I’ve included a picture of him and my youngest son, Diallo, that was taken many years ago.

Ade took me into his culture, Yoruba culture, with open arms, and I can count on his friendship with the same confidence that I can count on the sun rising in the morning.

He’s very protective of me…

I can never repay Ade for all the blessings he’s brought into my life and all the insights he’s shared about Yoruba culture.

Ade helped me get initiated into the Ifa spiritual tradition in Nigeria, and he introduced me to powerful elders who have helped my family spiritually in many life and death situations.

About two weeks ago, when I was thanking Ade for all his help over the years, he said, “trees don’t stand alone,” James. “Trees stand together and when the wind blows, the trees absorb the wind together.”

Storms will come and the wind will blow, my friend — that’s life. When the wind blows, I hope you and your friend will band together like trees do to form a forest.

I hope to be one of the trees you can count on in 2019…

Please feel free to write me and I will respond as soon as I can.

James Weeks

Author Meditations Across The King’s River

Set New Goals

Set New Goals


It’s time to set new goals…

That’s what my friend, Jewel Love, told me when we met for coffee in Oakland about two weeks ago.

Jewel is a therapist and the founder of Black Executive Men…

He’s also my accountability partner. We help each other stay on track professionally.

Jewel Love

When we met for coffee, I was reminding him that less than two years ago we were sharing our dreams. He was hoping to build his private practice as a therapist, and I was telling him about my plans for launching my book Meditations Across The King’s River.

Today, Jewel’s business is booming, and my book has arrived in many homes around the world. We are both grateful.

Near the end of the second chapter of my book, I share strategies that help keep me focused each day.

But since 2019 is here, I just wanted to share a tip on goal setting. You don’t necessarily have to set new goals, but you absolutely must decide what goals are most important to you and focus on them.

Having too many goals is just as unwise as having zero goals.

Since Jewel is a gifted therapist, I’ve asked him to share three tips for coping with depression and anxiety as you navigate through 2019. Here’s what he suggested:

Therapy: Don’t be afraid to seek therapy, says Jewel, who’s specialty is psychotherapy. If you’re struggling emotionally from current or past wounds, meeting with a gifted therapist can help you heal.


Have a Wellness Practice: Meditate, walk in nature, eat a balanced diet, and stay away from toxic people who leave you feeling drained. Pick a wellness practice that resonates with you, and commit to doing it at least three times a week.


Share Your Gifts With The World: “Many people are depressed because they’re not living in alignment with their purpose and higher calling,” says Jewel. “As you give your creative gifts away, it will likely lessen the load in your own soul.”

This is all for now. To get more wellness tips from Jewel Love, sign up for his FREE newsletter at Black Executive Men.

Please know I will be here to guide you through 2019. Feel free to inbox me and share your goals for the new year. As you know, I always write back.

On behalf of my family and elders in Africa, I wish you and your family a prosperous, healthy and happy new year.

Thanks for your support of my new book and for your well wishes over the years.  Here’s the link to get your copy of Meditations Across The King’s River

All my love,

James Weeks

Author Meditations Across The King’s River

P.S. Don’t forget to get your copy of  Meditations Across The King’s River, and don’t forget to sign for Jewel Love’s FREE newsletter at Black Executive Men. 

Thank You For Supporting Meditations Across The King’s River

Thank You For Supporting Meditations Across The King’s River

Thank you for supporting the launch of my book Meditations Across The King’s River.

Since we launched the book last weekend, copies have been shipped to countries around the world.

I am grateful for your support of this popular book.

My elders in Africa are working spiritually to get this book in the hands of as many people as possible…

If you didn’t get a chance to order Meditations Across The King’s River yet, you can do so by visiting

Even if you only embrace a few of the spiritual or financial strategies in this book, 2019 can be a better year for you. This book has sixteen essays and powerful affirmations.

In the chapter, Nigeria: Escape and Immersion, I talk about my spiritual journey to Africa with my son, but I also talk about something we all struggle with — and that something is loss.

Loss is painful but it’s part of the human journey; it’s one of the most difficult spiritual lessons to learn. But we all have to learn it.


Loss can come in many ways: death of a loved one, a relationship or friendship, but there are other forms loss.

I can relate to your feelings of loss because I’ve experienced loss too…

But here’s what I’ve learned, Paulette. On a spiritual level, the lessons of loss challenge us to appreciate each moment, and to appreciate who’s still in our life, even though we may still miss those who are not.

Loss also teaches us that like nature, everything in life follows cycles and patterns.

When something ends, a new beginning is on the way, and it can be beautiful even though it’s difficult.

If you’re struggling with loss or anything else, feel free to send me an email…

I’ll respond as soon as I can. I’m slightly behind on emails, but I try to make it a point to respond to all emails I receive.

Again, here’s the link for more information about my book which can be purchased at Balboa, Amazon and Barnes and Nobles,

Until we speak again, have a safe and wonderful holiday season with your family.

All my love.

James Weeks

Author Meditations Across The King’s River

I Just Launched A Powerful Book

I Just Launched A Powerful Book

I’ve just launched Meditations Across The King’s River.

I invite you to be among the first to hold a copy of this book in your hands.

Meditations Across The King’s River is now available at Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles.

To order a copy for yourself and your loved ones, and to read what others have to say about it visit

If your goal for 2019 is spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, and financial wellness, then this book is for you.

If you want tips for connecting to spirit and the ancestors this book is for you…

If you want to learn more about African spiritual traditions and how you can benefit from them, this book is for you.

If you want sound, practical strategies for improving your finances this book is for you.

This book was written with love..

And it was written with you in mind. I know this hasn’t been an easy year for you.

But here’s what I learned. Things can get better, especially, if you have spiritual support and the right tools to work with.

Well, Meditations Across The King’s River is a book of powerful tools, essays and affirmations.

You’ll also bust out laughing at times, and I’ve even included a chapter on delicious African and Caribbean cuisine in case you get hungry along the way. (I know you like to eat:)                                                                                                                                     ,

Here’s the link to be among the very first in the world to own this book,

Send me an email after you place your order today, and i will ask my elders to say a special prayer for you and your family. Trust me, we know and understand what you are going through.

Every bit of prayer and spiritual energy helps.

Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to email me after you place your order so we can include you in our prayers.

…And please share the link with others who want to be blessed with an uplifting spiritual book to guide them through 2019.

Once again, here’s the link.

All my love,

James Weeks

Author, Meditations Across The King’s River