There is no other means of transport as powerful as the River, the journey is one of cleansing, nourishing and healing. Across The Kings River reminds me of who I am and why I am here.

– Khali Kwodwo Keyi

Daily encouragement and peace There’s a beauty and spirituality to the Across the King’s River page. When I go to these pages to peruse, I find a space that is unhurried, unpressured, sans commerce. I feel hopeful and regain a sense of possibility, connection , and meaning. I am Caucasian but was raised to love that which is of Africa. I love this page and am so grateful to have access.

– Frances Charteris

This page resonates with my spirit. Whenever I have a question or am seeking a spiritual enlightenment, Across The Kings River always delivers, I absolutely love this page.

– Toyanda Harper

Across The Kings River is a Sankofa experience for me, as it unites who I am today, with who I was yesterday and who I want to be tomorrow.

– Sandra Het – Heru Taitt

It is the page marker to the vastness of the universe. Thank you.

– Kim Carter

My spirit gets fed from the posts. The King’s River page is part of my daily spiritual ritual. It says exactly what I need to help me shift my consciousness to a more positive place. I am anxiously awaiting the movie that will help to restore the spirituality of African Ancestors to its rightful place as a valid path to spiritual enlightenment.

– Tirra Olufemi Hargrow

This page helps me on my meditation work. Your thoughts and the thoughts of our brothers in Spirit are always positive and helpful. Despite the distance, someone in Rio de Janeiro is praying for your spiritual work.

– Mauricio Machado

I love the King’s River page! I really know very little about African spirituality. The beauty for me is that my heart and crown chakras respond when I look at the beautiful photos and read the words. What you are doing is bringing great blessings to the world, great medicine to the people. I am cheering you on!

– Carol Aspinwall

You are the bridge between the past and the present. The kaleidoscope through which many see the traditions of old and the talking drum that beats into our present.

-Sindele James Adeniyi

Your words touch me on levels I cannot put into words. Always right on schedule with my life lessons and the path I walk.

– Joe Bruno

This site strengthens my connection to my Ancestors, our collective Egun and all living entities. I am reminded that the bridge is not broken.

– Amoke Kubat

Medicine for the soul! Whenever I’m feeling somewhat lost or confused, a post from this page will show up on my newsfeed at the perfect time. I love how wisdom gets expressed with honesty, integrity, and discernment.

– Amy Gabrielle

In a world that is bent on relegating our way to the realms of insanity, your page is medicinal. Camagu!!!

– Bandile Gwamanda

Across the King’s River Page is Synergy … it is an intricate piece of the masterpiece of a puzzle that is being orchestrated . . . It’s like coming home after being lost in the wilderness. Thank you for feeding us, for giving us water when we’re thirsty!

-Akosua Yabsira

Insightful and perceptive. Across The Kings River enables me to look within myself, with strength not guilt, with acceptance not defeat. It reminds me to be humbled that my ancestors guide me always. Across the Kings River is like Moringa to my health.

– Glen Annikie- Wheeler

The King’s River page speaks to me, through me, for me, about me… in a voice I didn’t even know I was waiting to hear.

– Black Love is Simply Beautiful

Some people read their Bible in the morning. I read this page. I feel like this is a personal page written just for me by someone who is watching my journey. Scary sometimes, but always revealing a new way or new lesson. Love it!

– Lionessence Niva

Kings River gives me something to look forward to every morning. You make me know am not alone. I have learned to accept who I am without doubt or guilt. . . I am willing, ready and able to Walk My Path!

– Chrislyn La Borde

Sou Brasileira sou de uma religião afro brasileira chamado Umbanda, e esta página tem ótimas postagens que nós de religião afro aprendemos, uma página que mostra a cultura e ensinamentos do povo africano, e que ajuda a quebrar intolerâncias e preconceitos, que o povo de Axé sofre… Desculpe o ingles não tão bem escrito, pois não falo ingles e sim uso um tradutor.

I am Brazilian, my religion, Umbanda, and this page has great posts that show the culture and teachings of the African people, and that help break down prejudices and intolerances that the people of Axé suffer.

– Monica Molina

Your posts seem to always speak to me. I’m sure u aren’t specifically talking to me but MAAAAAN! Sometimes all i can do is stare in awe and take a screenshot. WOW! I hope to draw our people closer to our ancestors like u do.

– Eshe Phoenix

I am isolated and need to reach all my friends and family with the enlightenment the Ancestors and Orisa bring. This site allows us to be part of the collective prayer circle so important for our evolution.

– Arc Foster

This page consistently reminds me that we are all walking the path back to Spirit and how we play a key role in each other’s lives.

– Ominiyi Adesana Awoyade

I started to view the posts out of curiosity but now I read them to feed my soul. Uncannily, they are as if written only for me. I’ve undergone many changes recently and it’s helped me put things into perspective, brought clarity when I was succumbed in darkness, encouragement when I had doubt , it speaks to my spirit. Guides me and soothes my soul. Thank you

– Phyliss Garcia

There is a steadfast commitment to embracing, remembering, and honoring the ancestral realm that surrounds us all. My path is one of finding out about myself and what I’ve come here to accomplish. What better way to do this than to be in concert with my essence, my beginning, my ancestors.

– Yavondia Logan

“Your word are much needed not only in my journey but in others as well… to not only refresh our journey but to also remind us that we are here to help those who are in need of our knowledge.”

– Julio Murdock Gonzalez