We Can All Benefit From This Ancient Knowledge

James Weeks is from the Caribbean island of St. Croix and his life’s mission is to bring inspiration to others. His upcoming documentary feature film, Across The King’s River, and his upcoming book, Meditations Across The King’s River are inspired by the sacred and healing traditions of Africa. We can all benefit from his wisdom.

Staying Grounded in Rocky Times

What a year! Global pandemic. Recession. George Floyd. Protests. Civil Unrest. No shortage of issues in 2020. How are you doing? No, I mean how are you REALLY doing? I heard from my friend Tony this morning. Hadn’t heard from him in months. He told me how he has... read more

We Are Here To Evolve

I was talking to my friend from Ghana via Zoom about two weeks ago… ….I was moved by some of the things she was saying, and I started taking notes to share with you. We met because she wanted more information about one of my passions — teaching... read more

Something Good Can Come From This

Greetings, I ran into my friend Sarah a few weeks ago…. She owns a popular, Caribbean-inspired restaurant in Oakland called Miss Ollie’s. Great food — I love her fried chicken. Anyways, she was in good spirits when I saw her. To be honest, I was... read more

Insightful and Powerful Spiritual Readings

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I am honored to be able to count on the spiritual counsel of James Weeks. His honest, heartfelt clear connection to the ancestors has been a gift. Aside from his spiritual gifts, he also has a particular ability to put the guidance of the Orishas and ancestors in the context of ones own life in such a way that makes their message even clearer and easier to apply.

Indra Rios-Moore

Los Angeles

Across The King’s River: the Quest for Healing, Meaning and Purpose

Across the Kings River is an upcoming, feature length documentary about the universal quest for healing, fulfilment and purpose. This heart-warming film follows spiritual leader, James Weeks, as he practices his calling as a healer in the Ifa, spiritual tradition while struggling to balance the worldview of his elders in Nigeria with the realities of life in the U.S.

Meditations Across The King’s River: The Book of Wisdom You’ve Been Waiting For

Meditations Across The King’s River is a collection of James’ original affirmations and short insightful, essays inspired from his travels throughout St. Croix, Nigeria, Guadeloupe and Meditations Across The King’s River is being published by Balboa Press and will be available for purchase in August 2018.