Interview with James Weeks and Dr. Daniel Nettle, linguist and co-author of the book Vanishing Voices: The Extinction of the World’s Languages. In this episode we discuss the crisis of endangered languages and cultures and the priceless knowledge that will be lost as languages continue to die. Scholars estimate that more than half of the world’s languages are expected to die by the turn of the century.

Interview with James Weeks and Dr. Charles Finch, a medical doctor and expert on African healing traditions. In this episode, Dr. Finch, the former Director of International Health at Morehouse, discusses the differences between African and Western Healing Traditions. He also shares some of his experiences in Senegalese healing traditions.

Interview with James Weeks and Dr. Robert Voeks, ethnobotanist and author of the book Sacred Leaves of Candomble. In this episode, Dr. Voeks voices concern about the priceless medicinal and botanical knowledge that might be lost if the current trends of vanishing languages and cultures continue. He also discusses some of his research in Brazil.


Interview with James Weeks and Dr. Wande Abimbola, an authority on Yoruba culture. In this episode, Dr. Abimbola, discusses the growing global interest in Ifa and shares some of his core spiritual values. He also talks about the importance of spirituality, culture and language.


Interview with James Weeks and Chief Fama, a well-known Yoruba priestess and author. In this episode, Chief Fama talks about Yoruba spirituality and culture.


Listen to an interview with Chief Aikulola.


  • James was a guest on the radio show Tanya and Friends. He talks about the upcoming film, being true to one’s purpose and the important of living from the heart.

  • James had a radio Interview on “Beyond Empowerment” with host Charlene Springer: WSTX AM.

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