King's River poster

Last night I found myself praying to the egungun (the ancestors.) For what? For the energy to continue on this path. The truth is – beginning and maintaining a blog has been a struggle so far. Isn't Facebook enough? That's what I ask myself. And what about the past 4-5 years of working toward this film? Isn't that enough? The answer isn't what I want to hear – it's not enough.

And that's why I appealed to the ancestors. Although I once earned a living with words (working as a news reporter in the Virgin Islands) – I don't always feel inspired to write. I tend to do things when I feel inspired. But when the inspiration comes, it really comes and that's what I'm praying for.

I sense we are about to receive major funding for the film. Because I've been working so hard for so long, the thought of being so close to the “target” makes me feel like relaxing. But there will be no relaxing. Now is the time for a renewed sense of energy, and urgency and light.