Meditating in the hills of Oakland

All praise to the ancestors! We expect the film to be fully funded in Jan, 2012. Then another phase of the project begins. I’ll be meeting with acclaimed director Stanley Nelson soon, and we’ll come up with a game plan for how we approach the film, who the crew members should be and what segments of the story ought to be filmed first. We will also work on story development and logistics.

It’s been four long years since I went to Nigeria with the dream of doing a film. My initial concept was to focus on Yoruba sacred traditions. As time went on, the vision expanded. I felt the need to explore other cultures as well. Hence, the vision of also going to Senegal, Burkina Faso, Egypt and the Caribbean was born.

The size of the crew has also expanded. I traveled alone to Nigeria in 2008 and did everything by myself. I am delighted that I will be working with a team of solid professionals moving forward. I’ve had many challenges over the years on the journey toward this film. But my elders in Africa – a team of senior Ifa priests and diviners have been with me each step of the way.

Always maintain faith! Understand that your ancestors have better plans for you than you have for yourself. There is a bigger picture. A higher order. Never give up the vision!