“A test of endurance.” That’s how filmmakers Dalian and Verona Adafo describe the journey to their documentary, “Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge.” Their goal was to clear up some of the popular misconceptions and “negative assumptions” that people have about African spiritual traditions.

“It is a topic that a lot of people hardly know anything about but are quick to tell you that its negative witchcraft and devil worship,” Dalian explains.

“For me it was important to learn the ways of my ancestors,” says Verona.

I salute their courage and tenacity. I know that their work is driven by the ancestors. As a filmmaker, I totally understand the hardships and trials that come with trying to get a film off the ground.

Every phase is difficult, and if your vision isn’t clear, or if your motivation isn’t strong enough, you will find reasons to stop instead of moving forward.

Africa has so many stories to tell, so many lessons to teach. Yet, the Western media only focuses on what’s wrong with Africa: unending civil wars, corruption, hunger, poverty, etc.

What about stories of change and transformation? Lives that have been saved because of the spiritual power of our sacred traditions? What about stories of empowerment and inspiration? The millions around the globe who organize their lives around guidance that comes from divination, the orisas, or other divine spirits of the Motherland?

These stories, we must tell ourselves! Hats off to Dalian and Verona for leading the way!!