Baba Afolabi Epega

Baba Afolabi Epega

The old man came for a visit a few nights ago…

He came in my dreams, the way ancestors often do, because that’s when we’re most receptive.

Baba Epega didn’t stay long.

I guess he had other things to do in the Other World. After all, an Awo’s (diviner’s) work is never done – not even on the Other Side.

Baba Epega was a world authority on Ifa; he was the co-author of the book, “The Sacred Ifa Oracle.” Baba was also a mentor to many, including myself, up until his passing in 2006.

And I can still hear Baba’s laughter and booming voice as he taught me the basics of divination.

In the dream, the other night, Baba was teaching me songs for the orisas.

Oddly enough, I don’t think Baba visited me by dream merely because he wanted to talk to me. After all, we had tons of conversations on earth.

I believe Baba wanted to talk to YOU!

For those who never had the privilege of meeting Baba, this is what I sense his Spirit is trying to say to you right now.

Listen carefully and take notes cause Baba’s a very busy man.

1. Be totally dedicated to what your spirit is calling you to do. No excuses.

2. When will love come into your life? When you learn to love yourself. When you have more self-respect.

3. Change your character if you expect to see changes in your life.

4. Be patient in all things! If you can’t follow ants, you can’t follow Ifa.

5. Study! Study! Study!

6. Don’t forget the ancestors. You’re nothing without the ancestors.

7. Sacrifice is important. There’s no way you can succeed without sacrifice.

8. The truth never changes; it never dies. The truth will always prevail.

9. The purpose of divination is to make you think; to give you alternatives.

10. Do not fear death; death is not the end; it is an obligation of life.


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James Weeks

Producer/Across The King’s River