Thanks GivingWe gave thanks for our blessings! That’s what we did as we gathered for dinner on Thanksgiving. Of course one should give thanks every day. But let’s face it, on some days we give thanks more than other days.

My wife, Stephanie, led the prayer by acknowledging my brother-in law, Hashim. He’s no longer with us. But he had dinner with us last Thanksgiving. About two months ago, he lost a harrowing, battle with leukemia.

I was in my office writing when Stephanie broke the news to me one sunny, Friday morning. We hugged. They were good friends.

This photograph was taken in 2003 on Hashim and Joan’s wedding day. He’s wearing the hat; that’s my sister, Joan, in the middle. I’m on the right and Stephanie is the woman with dreads on the left.

We still feel Hashim’s spirit around us. Handsome man! I still hear the deep laughter, I see the smile. His illness and death reminded me how quickly life can change from one moment to the next. We were deeply affected by Hashim’s untimely passing. It will take time to heal; it always does.

As we prayed before our Thanksgiving meal, we gave thanks to other ancestors as well. The “hidden ones” as they say in South Africa. “The shining ones.”

I share this with you with the prayer that you might remember your loved ones in Spirit and with the prayer that you will find something or someone to celebrate with and to be thankful for today.

Every minute counts…

I also share this with the prayer that you will make the most of your life. As a spiritual counselor I often witness how close people come to making powerful changes in their lives but fail to follow through.

Many folks ALMOST make important changes but don’t. They ALMOST make the right decisions but don’t. They ALMOST take that leap of faith but don’t. They ALMOST reach out to someone they love but don’t. They ALMOST leave a legacy but don’t. They ALMOST write a book but they don’t. They ALMOST pursue their dreams but don’t. They ALMOST make a commitment to improve their finances but don’t. They ALMOST let go of anger but don’t.

Don’t ALMOST live your best life. Live it!

And live it with style and with courage and with gratitude and with thanks!

Every second counts…

James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River

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